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Magnetic Template black footer how to remove

Hi There,
I am using the Magnetic template. I have edited it and removed the footer. But now, instead of the footer I have a black bar on the bottom of the page which I don’t know how to remove. I already got the background to what I want color and gradient wise, but now I want it to cover the entire page, instead of having this black bar at the bottom of the page.

Any ideas how I can do that?



Hey @Dude - The part where you haven’t shared your read only link is a barrier to the community helping you.

Please share your project link.

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No problem. Follow this link to see how to do it. The share above only works for you.

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Are you seeing that in the designer or on the published page, and which page are we talking about?

Home Page, on the Designer.

The only thing I can see is a border on the body.

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How can I make the border thinner?