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Made my first Webflow + Shopify site

I’ve learnt a lot making this particular site with Webflow and struggled with integrating Shopify if I’m honest - Bring on the Webflow e-commerce solution, can’t wait! I still have some tweaks to make especially on the Shopify stuff but feedback welcome if you have a moment to check it out.

I hope I linked to this correctly, apologies if not.

If anyone knows if it’s at all possible to stop the Shopify Checkout from loading in a constrained size pop up window I would be eternally grateful for your help.


I am sure other people are running into this same issue so I thought I would share my solution…

I finally figured out how to make the Shopify checkout open full screen, not as a pop up! It was super easy I can’t believe I had not noticed it before.

In your embed code for the buy buttons just add:




Thank you for sharing! Can you describe how you setup & styled the checkout page & “store.” sub-domain?

And would you mind sharing your Webflow editor view?

Beautiful site, and I love the animations.

Especially great use of color and contrast, too!!


Can you help describe how this was completed?