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Made a client a boring CMS Walkthrough Video

I made a client a lame CMS Walkthrough Video and realized I should make one of these for every client depending on needs! :smiley:

Does anyone else do this?


I have tons of those! :rofl:

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Not yet, but planning to - so much easier than trying to describe it in words, or showing in person and then needing to remind them - refer back to the video - sorted - always available.

I’ve not used Loom in a while - can you timestamp/link so the client can quickly find a section?

I also use a template that the Webflow team offered a while ago to clone, I can’t find the original link but this is pretty much it:

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@StuM Precisely! It makes our clients happier and life easier to just send one out with access to the CMS instead of waiting for the client to ask questions… I’m thinking of making a generic one that I can use for every client, or even somebody else could you.
Loom is for sure my favorite tool so far. You can timestamp specific parts of the video and hyperlink resources. (check my screenshot)


I just sent my current client a customized version of that reference site, but this time I also sent a video. I think sometimes that site makes them expect the CMS to be more complicated than it is, depending on the client.

Here’s the link by the way:

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Thanks I was looking for it a while ago :+1:

Yeah! I do the same, explanation website, video, contact details, etc. Depending on the client sometimes I even offer a training session.

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