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'Lsep' appearing in text blocks

Hi, hope you’re all well.

Getting a strange thing appearing in a type block -


I’ve stripped out all the formatting and re-pasted in, but it’s still there apparently, the problem is, that only the client’s machine is showing it. could this be a database cache thing?


Thought it worth sharing if anyone else has had this issue

Many thanks


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It looks very suspicious :fearful:

You are seeing this in all Rich Text Blocks or a particular one on a particular page?

Hopefully, nothing too sinister!! :japanese_ogre:

Hi @webdev, It’s bizarre as only the client’s machine can see it, I’ve attached a link to the site, and its in the privacy policy found in the footer.

Big cheers

You could clean the text using this tool.

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Hi there,

We were able to check with our team, and noted that the LSEP character only shows up on Window machines where empty spaces may be present at the end of a line.

Typically, deleting any empty space characters at the end of a line gets rid of the character.

Also, there’s a little script to remove it too:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $("body").children().each(function() {
        $(this).html($(this).html().replace(/&#8232;/g," "));

Hopefully, this was helpful.


Brilliant link, thank you, didn’t work with this issue strangely! but great to have another tool in the arsenal! Cheers

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Hi @mistercreate, Thanks for this!

Added the script into the main custom css header. Client says it still gets the error.

Regarding removing the spaces, When we do, the line shifts up, I know in code this would look like ( br etc) - Possibly we’re doing this wrong? as I agree just deleting the additional spaces should get rid, but we don’t want to lose the line break.

Thanks for the time here.


I can see the issue displayed in the webflow interface. I just went in and deleted those characters using a backspace and they are gone in the preview. Give that a shot.

Curious why you are not using the RTF?!

Here is a capture of that element as it sits. Before edits.

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Thanks, @webdev. Can’t believe I’ve been designing for 15 years and never noticed this happening, even indesign! And yes Rich text is probably the way to go here!

Thanks so much for the help, Have learned a lot here.



I know this thread has been inactive for a while—but we just ran into the same issue. We added the script referenced above, but we still saw the special characters.

We ran the text through the tool referenced by @webdev and that seemed to do it. Thank you!

Yep, this is just a formatting issue when copy/pasting from certain software into Webflow. To avoid this, the text content can be typed out, or copy/pasted only from a plain text editor. This is to avoid any invisible/unnoticed formatting carrying across and producing unwanted results.