Low page speed + Does Lazy load plugin save me?

Hello everyone!

I am working on increasing page speed but don’t know-how. I reduced the image size and prevented unnecessary js as much as I can. Still, it waits 3 seconds before the complete load. Maybe I should add lazy load plugin. I really have no idea although I’ve searched on Webflow.
Site: https://try.adspert.net/amazon

Ready link: Webflow - Adspert - Make every bid smartly

speed test: PageSpeed Insights

Hi nihat,
please try deactivating your google optimize code. (just delete the id in the dashboard)
If this doesn´t help, try deactivating the google tag manager. (just add “” after the code.)

Of course, you can do. But in my opinion and what i have seen it is a script blocking the content on the page and not a image loading problem.

I deactivated it. But how can i find which script blocking my content?

Hi @nihat it is faster now, isn´t it? Mine is loading instantly, as it should.
The blocking script was the script, you have just deactivated.