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Lottie Object appears smaller when page loaded. Jumps back to correct size when browser window size changed

Hey guys, I’m having troubles with Lottie Layer (cool function by the way).

Long story short: I have Lottie Layer Position absolute, Height and Width set to Auto.
However when the page loads, the size of that layer is weirdly small (not original size as it was exported) and it jumps back to normal only when browser window size was changed at least one px. In first picture you see how it looks when I enter the page. And in second image how it supposed to look (after changing screen size at least 1 px)

Long story long: I made two images with identical size. One image is simple .jpeg and another one is animated Lottie layer. They both must overlap on top of each other and stay that way no matter what. I was able to do it bu creating div with position relative and and setting both images position to absolute. Works smooth on all screen sizes never, falls appart EXEPT when the page is loaded and browser window size was not changed.

It wouldn’t be a big problem but it acts the same in published version too.

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