Lottie not showing on IE 10

I have a lottie animation that is not showing up in internet explorer. Is this expected

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Having a hard time with this one, especially since I spent a long time creating this animation, not to have a solution in Internet Explorer 11 is frustrating. The animation works in Edge 15, 17. 18. There’s really nothing I can do to start the animation? Also, is the animation happening, or is it too far above the screen? I’m not buying the no Internet Explorer 11 thing. I’m seeing a ton of IE 11 users. I guess that’s what you get when you have a fortune 500 user base.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/quantifind?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=quantifind&preview=2406306db555d4fc3191be3683c9378c&mode=preview


Yes IE 10 is obsolete, even Microsoft recommends to not use it due to security flaws.

I basically ignore IE 10 and Safari <10, otherwise I would be developing websites for the past.
Better focus on chromium as Edge (in a few months), Chrome, Opera, Brave have adopted it.


Thank you for your response!

What about explorer 11 and edge, the animations aren’t show there either.

The Lottie animations are not showing up on any Internet explorer browser, or is unpredictable when it comes to which ie browser it’s going to work in, which, is kind of a deal breaker.

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Seems not only Lottie is broken on IE 11 but the whole site (slider on this page doesn’t work for example https://quantifind.webflow.io/financial-crimes) and not even the About dropdown. If you open IE 11 console there is an error on ‘Symbol’ is not defined. Seems there is a polyfill issue on that caused by jQuery

@grantmdavis I moved your new topic into this older one. We prefer updates to current posts, not new topics opened about the same issue. I’ve got no experience using Lottie with IE, but I’m sure others will come and take a look :slight_smile:

Any idea on how to hunt that symbol down? Or what page it’s on? Also, is there a piece of code that helps render internet explorers short comings better?

Thanks for merging the topics, this was helpful.

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