Lottie Menu Animation Problem

Hi there,

I have a Lottie navbar menu button, and when clicked, it animates from an = sign to x sign and then triggers a drop-down menu.
When the user taps on the x, the menu closes as expected.

But when the user taps outside of the navbar, it triggers the navbar to close … but the Lottie animation doesn’t animated back to =.

How do I get the Lottie event to play and return to the state of = once a tap event occurs outside of the drop-down menu.


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@samliew would you have any insight here?

Hey @adam_mazurick, Please share your read-only link so that we can take a look.

@Sachin Sure.


Hey @adam_mazurick, This is how you share read-only link

I am watching. One moment please. Thank you.

@Sachin Cool. Thank you. I’m glad I learned that.

I come from an iOS and Django background. I’ve been using webflow for 4 months now. I love the ease with which I can edit and create layouts in Webflow. I hope to use Webflow as my default front-end creation tool.


Hey @adam_mazurick, Welcome to webflow, I love webflow and it’s a number one NO CODE tool that made my life easier. coming to your query adding an element trigger to webflow’s default “Navbar” component is the best practice and that will solve your problem.


I’ve recorded a solution in the loom recording if that help’s please mark it as a solution :peace_symbol:


@Sachin I am so extremely thankful for your help. Your solution worked right away! Thank you.

This is awesome, I just came across this issue and your response on this topic made me quickly solve the issue I was having, Cheers!

Shoot, looks like this video was removed. Is there an easy way to describe this fix? Thanks.