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Lottie makes everything else disappear

So here’s a fun one. I thought adding a lottie would be easy, but when I preview, everything else on the page disappears except for the animation. Ideally what I’d like is for the lottie to play after all the other animations on the top viewport are done, but at this point I’d settle for anything that might allow me to have the animation without everything else becoming invisible (in preview and sometimes in designer).

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of Nathan Chitayat

Hello Nathan,

I took a look over your site and I believe I can help - so, for starters, it looks like you have a page scroll interaction that’s making the other elements on the page load on the scroll, rather than when the page loads which is why the top piece and the animation appears and not the other piece of content - until you start scrolling down.

As far as the Lottie, I believe if you add an offset to the animation trigger, this should delay it from starting until after the other elements are visible.

I hope this helps and if I’ve misunderstood please, feel free to clarify and I’ll take another look.


Jeff Wagar