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Lottie Animation sizing within Grid Div Block


Would really appreciate help on sizing a Lottie Animation within a Grid Div Block as the middle animation isn’t resizing within the box. So the first div block position settings is set to Relative and the Lottie animation is set to Absolute Full:

I’ve fiddled with it’s position so that it animates in from the left and is at the size I like.

My issue is when I do the same for the middle Lottie Animation, the whole Div Block moves and changes size like this:

Also I’m having to resize each Div block for bigger screen dimensions (1280px and up)

Is there an easier way to set this up? I’ve tried to create bigger animations in After Effects but having the same issue when adding into the Div block.

Here is my read only share link: Webflow - SOUTHWORKS Website

Would really appreciate any help!

Thanks :slight_smile: