Lottie animation pixelated when not in original composition resolution in AE

Hello everybody, I’m having a problem concerning a lottie animation and really couldn’t find any solution or explanation on the web.

I created a simple animation in After Effects and exported using the bodymovin plugin.
The composition resolution AE was 1120x160px.

Now the following problem: On the breakpoint 1440px and above I use the original resolution of 1120x160 as size for the lottie element in webflow. On the bease breakpoint I want to use a smaller size with 500px width.

However, for this smaller size the lottie gets pixelated and blurry on the published site.
Here you can see the difference: https://lohbergermedical.webflow.io/ Above 1440px screen width everything is sharp. Belox it’s blurry. I am using Google Chrome.

I thought lotties are vector-based and scalable. And I don’t understand why I have this problem when downscaling, not upscaling.

Can anyone help me with this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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