Lottie animation on scroll issues

Hi all,

I am having some issues getting my Lottie animation to play properly as the page scrolls.

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The sticky animation “Lottie Scroll Animation” in the right column plays really quickly where it’s supposed to scroll along with the text on the left column. It’s like the entire right column is stuck at 63% scroll. The parent element has a lot of height, so I’m not sure what the exact problem is.

Does anyone know how to solve this?.

Hi Emil,

I believe you’re experiencing this issue because you’ve added the interaction to the sticky element itself, and as this element is always at 63% the scrolling animation will be stuck there.

I applied the animation to ‘column 2’ and it seems to be working. Let me know if this helps!

Hi Billie,

It worked - thank you so much!

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