Lottie Animation does not play smoothly or scroll correctly

Hello, @Sachin

I followed the following tutorial here

And I built the following Oculus Animation here at this read-only link.


When I apply .fixed position value to my section containing the animation, it does not scroll nicely like the rose does. It disappears entirely off the page.

Two problems:

I. Lottie animation section disappears.
II. Lottie animation does not animate smoothly based on mouse position like in the tutorial.

The mouse animation seems to work for me?

PS. Its really cool, i love it.

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Thank you, but if you go to this demo here. I want my 3d oculus to rotate as the user scrolls based on scroll position and I am not getting that.


@felix_hellstrom @Sachin

Man that’s such a neat animation.

I think you have to change the interaction affect to target the selected element instead of the animation trigger.


This worked! Thank you!

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Awesome! Glad I could help :slight_smile: