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Lottie Animation Backs To The Start Frames After Finished

I created a Lottie animation that will be played while scrolling down the page.
It works OK but when it gets to the last frames - it get back to the start few frames and stops there!
Also its narrowed down to the middle. I need it to be 100VW…

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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it seems like your lottie file has repeat frames. you could either cut those repeated frames or stop your lottie animation at 67% like this:

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Tank you for your answer!
I checked and ends in the right frame.
It also happened in another lottie file…
I’ll try your solution.
Thanks again!

OK it worked well! Thanks man!
Can you tell me why the lottie is not spreading all over the ViewPort?

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@PixelGeek do you have a solution by any chance…?