Lost ability to have Multiple tabs of Webflow in Design Mode open

I used to be able to have design control in multiple tabs. I often have two open when building so that I can reference certain element settings, names, styles etc.

This seemingly has disappeared in the last 24 hours. Is there a way to change this? Is anyone else facing this problem?

Webflow released some new Team plan collaboration features yesterday. Might be related but that is just a guess on my part. Test on more than one browser and make sure you have reloaded it. Browser updates always get in the way of copy and paste for me. Check that too.

Thanks Jeff S. Tried a few different browsers, but still limited to only one of them being in design mode.

I’m finding this as well – having the ability to view in design mode in multiple windows is super important for me. Is there a way to opt-out of the collaboration function?

What you can do is open the latest BACKUP
Click on the screw button below the asset panel > Backups > choose the latest backup.
It opens in a new tab with the Read-only version of the designer mode enabled and in this way, you can see all your current design settings and copy them to the current version.

Make sure you close the backup tab without saving it!

You’re Welcome!