Losing work and unsolicited changes overnight

Good morning all WF humans

Previous mentions of errors of a similar nature on the forum was referred to support as it seems to be a bug.

  1. Table changed to grid on Monday by itself
  2. Lost all settings on classes overnight on new tab component

I am working on this website : Webflow - Copy of Digitread Site

On Monday morning I returned to the site I am building and the Table I designed became a grid.
The tab links became a 3-column grid by itself and the remaining elements were not part of the grid.

I left it and started making a new one.

When I opened Webflow this morning, none of the elements I styled yesterday remained the same. The Divs were still there, named correctly, but all the styling had been lost;
Line colour
Background colour
Flex settings

The internet is stable and my computer has no issues. I was definitely connected to the internet when closing Webflow. I didn’t log out. I restarted my computer, and that’s it. I have refreshed the page and done all I can.