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Losing content. Any way to undo across sessions?

I woke up to a big chunk of Lost content. Someone on our team working on another timezone may have edited something, killing my edits. We share one user because there’s no real way to collaborate on a site with webflow otherwise (for now).

Any way to undo across sessions?
This is really scary!

ALL SYMBOLS that were in the section ‘master classes’ are gone from both retreat landing pages.
if we don’t find a good solution/explanation, this kills webflow for us.

This is the site:
You can open any page on the folder ‘retreats’, the section ‘master classes’ had a list of short descriptions for the courses. Painful work, hours and hours, they were symbols. they are now gone. And horrible timing, on top of it.

NO worries, found a solution: reverting to a backup.

Still, my trust in webflow goes down as I use it. I keep hitting bugs/unexplained behavior. And it’s crucial to my business. I would not call this production ready. Only excellent support saves webflow from creating hordes of disappointed users.

@usillos you should submit a bug report and the webflow team will answer it or email support…

I think it is important to remember that webflow is a startup and not a huge company like Adobe so it’s not that easy for them to fix everything, also it sounds like the issue was a confusion in terms of multiple people using the same account as much as it was with the webflow tool :slight_smile:


Hi @usillos, check out this article about submitting bug reports:

If you do have reports to submit, I encourage you to do so :slight_smile:


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