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Looping through all collection items of a list

So is it possible to loop through all collection items in a list? I know there are solutions to loop through 2000, but is there some way to loop through all? I’m trying to calculate the sum of a number of each collection item.

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It’s not possible to loop through all collection items in a list.

However, here’s a way you could do it with Airtable, PowerImporter, and Webflow.

Let’s say your collection item is called “Team” and it has a field “points” that you want to calculate the total for all teams.

In Airtable, create two tables: Team and TeamSummary. Create the same Collections in Webflow.

In the TeamSummary table, create only one record that uses a Rollup field called “totalPoints” to sum the “points” from all the Teams.

Running PowerImporter on a schedule, each time the “totalPoints” value changes, PowerImporter would update your Webflow collection called TeamSummary.

You could then display the “totalPoints” anywhere you want on your Webflow site using a collection item block for TeamSummary.

Feel free to reach out if you need help setting this up.

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