Loop animation desynch after many repetitions

I realized an animation of about 30 seconds which runs in a loop.
In this animation there are several small loops with timings called over the total duration of the loop.
The problem is that at some repetitions, there are desynchrinizations.
Is there a way to resynchronize after a full play sequence?

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After 4 or 5 loops it’s still ok for me.

Anyway, timing independant elements in a browser is not a perfect science, there are many things that can affect the timing of elements. It may be different from a browser to another etc.

Maybe it can be reset with JS.

But Interactions 2.0 are coming soon apparently https://webflow.com/feature/interactions-v2

And there’s apparently a timeline for your complex animations.

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Thank you Vincent,
I was not aware of the 2.0 interactions, I look forward to it being available :slight_smile:
And I’m too bad in Javascript to handle reset animations at the end of loop.


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