Looks like I found a Bug

I am new to all this but not a newbie to web design. So hope that make this a legitimate bug post.

Made a page playing with all the options.


Everything works well – have to say it has been a blast. But I tried it on my android phone 2.3.4 DroidX and the default browser has a problem. The splash popup on the bottom for Webflow doesn’t show the logo and the link doesn’t work. Where it does work is on my ROW with three columns, on the 1st column.

I tried redoing and emptying the first column of everything but an div with the interaction I wanted but nothing changes. If I move the interaction to the second Column everything is fine. If I add a Section above the Section with the Row, everything works…

I will leave the page up as broken for anyone who maybe curious.

If I rotate the phone to landscape the buggy link replacing my interaction goes away.

Hi @Chris3_25, thanks a lot for your report. To help investigate this further, coudl you please attach a screenshots the page/popup form having the issue, and could you share the read-only link to the site ? Learn web design with free video courses and tutorials | Webflow University

I am happy to check this :slight_smile: Cheers,

This is the page layout that isn’t working with your free page banner add on the bottom.

This is IPhone 3g, with standard safari, ios 4.2. The banner is stuck

This is Android with os 2.3 and standard android browser. DroidX doesn’t install Chrome

Notice the Webflow image block is stuck at the top on android. I was under the impression that the transition loaded the webpage all the time but when tapped today, it was only on the right side – maybe I was just missing the left side. Know these are older devices but webflow isn’t backwards compatible this way.

Hope I got together all the info you needed.

Hi @Chris3_25, thanks for the updated information, that really helps. Could you also share the read-only link so we can take a look at the design mode? Learn web design with free video courses and tutorials | Webflow University


Designer link

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