Looks good in designer, but bad in preview

Hi All,

I’m designing a site for some friends, just a simple one page website. It looks good in the designer but everything get’s funky in preview mode.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions let a noob know!



Hello @Christopher_Nelson,

Is there a reason that you used an image inside the hero instead of placing it as a background image? you can place gifs as background images, that makes it more responsive. Also, could you elaborate on what looks funky on the preview?

There is no reason and I will change that because that would make the most sense. Attached to this is my figma layout and what the layout looks like in my preview.

Hello @Christopher_Nelson,

So there are many ways for you to accomplish the layout that you have. You could use grid, columns flex box, etc. However it seems that the way you implemented your design in webflow doesn’t follow any consistent way, I understand you are new at this so I will try to explain you an easy way to fix your current layout. I rename some containers so you can follow with the navigator to see how you have to align your containers. Let me know if you have any questions.

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