Looking to hire web designer with HTML/CSS

I need a website done for my consulting company. I built a draft website to give an idea of what i’m trying to do : http://stajick.wix.com/thereport

The coding part is visible in the landing page. It’s the most important part of the project. I would need it to look much more appealing to the eye. 2 things about that requires your attention is the filters and that some cities have more than one program attributed to them (right now you only see 1 dot per city, London for example has 3, but 2 are hidden behind the largest one).
You can use Cartodb.com as a platform for the data map. The current data set will be changed and be ready in a week.

For the website it self, it would require 10 custom pages, the rest being copy/paste. I will be putting most of the text in myself.

Until the end of Octobre to deliver.

If you are interested message me with your questions, some of your previous work and a quick quote.


Stephane Tajick
SST Consulting