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Looking to have dynamic margin

Currently my project looks like this when scaled down to tablet size:

I'm trying to get it to look like this when on a smaller tablet view: ![|690x433](upload://bX7LHPvQFxNFl26PtXZaBk0MM72.png)

Ideally, I’d even like the option to make the text a bit smaller as the screen gets smaller (obviously this wouldn’t be viable on phones, but it’d be smoother looking for tablets and computer windows. I tried making both text size and top margin a percentage, but it didn’t work. Any advice?

Here is my public share link:

You can use VW measurements for the font size. It will make font depend on browser width

I don’t think I can type VW measurements into the margin box, and I don’t know enough CSS to do that. Do you have any example code I could try?

VW and VH measurements is kinda new in CSS but supported by Webflow.
These measurements calls “Viewport Width” and “Viewport Height” and equal percentage of browser width or height:
1vw = 1% of browser window width,
1vh = 1% of browser window height.

Here is a site where I used these measurements in margins/padding as well as in the font size
Preview in Webflow:


Oh wow, the vw and vh are hidden and only show up if you type them in a field. THanks!

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