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Looking to create a "share on twitter" module

but only want a lil’ gray bird icon… not the “old school bird and tweet count graphic in blue”
so basically, want better design control over the tweet embed.

something along the lines of the attached pic.

I assume I should start with a link block and build within that. but then what?

my share:

Hello, @scottbarbey

You can create link-block, style it (make it round, add bird on the background)

Then, in the place where you want to add this share button add the embed code widget and add this code snippet in it:

<a class="w-inline-block you-share-button-class" href="" target="_blank" title="Tweet" onclick="'' + '%20via%20%@yourtwitternickname'); return false;">

All spaces in the quote (text) should be replaced with %20.

Hope it helps.


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