Looking how to do this interaction

Sure, it is good question to support team, you are right.
If so here is how to trick this bug https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-7cg8BSq1Z_YWRQVXNkWFc3Wms/view?usp=drivesdk

About mobile menu - yes, sure there is. On mobile view do to navbar settings panel and click “open menu”. Element “navbar menu” - it is what contain links and you can adjust its width. But I didn’t find menu inside the navbar on your site

Thanks Anna figured it out. The problem was putting the tabs in Divs. Those divs themselves confused things. The interactions happen to the tabs themselves and anything in it. The navbar question is for my other site. Thank you for your help though. Creating these templates will save a huge amount of time in the future. especially as I get more proficient

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Glad I could help somehow :smiley:

got it. I had to adjust the min size before it would allow me to to narrow it. seems the auto is set to 200px

I used your work around. I think with the tabs it won’t let me scroll from top of the page because it is starting within the tabs. The inside of them changes. But it is a similar effect. Thanks again. I did contact support but they haven’t got back to me with a solution yet.

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Can you please (1) add a screenshot of what you’re experiencing and (2) add an image/example/detailed description of what you’re trying to achieve?

Please be as detailed as possible so we can help you overcome the troubling areas of your site’s design. Thanks!

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