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Looking for your feedback

First off, thank you in advance for your help. I really appreciate it. It’s a work in progress and I still need to do a few things like the Favicon, but I wanted to get some overall feedback on the design since that’s mostly done.

Here’s the link —

I’d like to know;

  1. What you like about the website, and why.
  2. What don’t you like about the website, and why.
  3. What you would do different, and why.

Feel free to be raw with me, I am looking to make this website as good as it can be. Thank you!


Nice site good job, like it overall, allow just to say before going to sleep that I don’t like the fact that you didn’t use any interaction in the site, interactions has the The power to ״disassemble״ elements. When scrolling I do not like the experience that the whole site is moving as one block.

The site is great as a straight forward site! However, interactions do make sites look and feel more modern. Other than that, good job!

The site is good, and while I agree that using some interactions could give the site that “extra something”, I would argue that they aren’t absolutely necessary. Here are some suggestions to consider, mainly regarding UX:

Hero Section:

  • The main headline could use some tweaking to improve impact and help with users scanning the site upon first visit. Ideally these changes would be A/B tested to ensure they resonate with your visitors, but I think getting the USP more towards the beginning could help (ex: “Affordable home painting for the Tuscon area”). Obviously this isn’t perfect, but visitors know immediately what the service is, that it’s affordable, and then lastly, where it takes place.
  • I find it a bit difficult to scan the service area within the sub-headline text so maybe this information can be pulled out into it’s own section alongside a visual to represent what areas are included. This may be a nit-picky, but my first question after deciding that I want to request a quote is whether or not I’m located in the service area.
  • Your hero CTA (Request a Quote) is a bit redundant as this is already found in the top bar. I’d recommend removing it from the section and swapping that out with a “Learn More” button that takes the user to the sections where you outline the services. Since you include this CTA in almost every other section, it shouldn’t affect a users ability to contact the business.

Icon Columns & First Section:

  • I think it’d be cool to use a more appropriate icon for each of the three columns under the hero—right now the thumbtack is somewhat random and each of the points are somewhat unique. If nothing else, maybe using an icon related to painting like a paintbrush or roller?
  • The four questions your raise in the first main section are fine, but I think it would make sense to showcase how the business differs from what’s listed.
    • Ex: Afraid you’re getting over charged? We’re the most affordable painting service in the area and we’ll match any price you find that’s lower.

Quote Sections:

  • Currently you’re splitting up what’s included in the quote and the actual form to request one—however I’d consider combining these two sections. This consolidates the complimentary content, and provides the nudge that visitors may need to fill out the form right next to the form itself.


  • I’d love to see more photos of the work that the company does. The site mentions that they paint over 500 houses a year but don’t show any of the finished projects. Before/after photos would be great (but require some setup, so maybe something to suggest?)—but either including a gallery section or making the square images react like small slideshows would go a long way in providing some visual proof of the work.
  • I took a quick peek at the mobile site within Chrome’s DevTools and everything looks good, but I’d recommend center aligning some of the sections to help things from looking overly left-justified. The puffy icon section is the one that caught my eye as a good candidate at first glance.
  • This is pretty minor but all of the buttons across the page are rounded except for the “Submit your request” button at the very bottom. I’d make this round to match the others.

Hopefully that helps, and nice work on the site :metal:

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