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Looking for Webflow designer for a K-6 school nonprofit site

I am looking for a designer to help migrate an existing HTML / Bootstrap 3 website to Webflow for a public charter K-6 school. The existing site would be used for some of the copy and information, but the design would be new and native to Webflow. The current website is at:

The Webflow site I built as an example as I was evaluating Webflow is at:

The complete scope of work is still TBD, but generally speaking it involves:

  • Create an overall site design that will be easy for non-technical users to maintain through use of a CMS or direct editing of copy
  • More modern front page design that combines easy access to information, helps market the school, and is easy for the school to highlight current activities. This front page would include: calendar of events (google Calendar is used for the school), recent school news, possibly twitter or other social integration with a school controlled account, hero banner that is easy to update.
  • CMS creation of a basic news posting (ie blog) section.
  • Migration of some of current website to new website
  • Integration of current web payment system (probably a simple iframe), with possible migration to Moonclerk for future payment processing.
  • Document storage (currently links to Google Docs, but willing to just have basic document uploads instead if no native Google Doc integration is available).
  • New site should include more graphical elements, pictures can be provided, purchase of stock photos probably out of budget
  • Responsive design.

The entire migration does not need to be done by the designer, a few technical (non-designers but know HTML and CSS well enough) can assist with the grunt work of moving text, etc. Post launch, the site will be maintained by office staff so ease of use is paramount.

Out of scope, but would be awesome, is the ability to have the site designed so we could do a Spanish and English site (it is a Spanish immersion school).

If interested, please contact me via message here for more information or respond to this post. If you could include examples of your work that would be great. A rough idea of time/cost would be good as well, but it may be too soon for that.

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I am interested in your project. I have 10 years of web design experience and I focus on designing websites that increase traffic and conversion.

You can view my website and portfolio here:

Feel free to contact me.


Hello Tom,

I’m available for a freelance project of this scope. I have completed some sites recently that have a very similar scope to what you need.

Please take a look at my website for examples of my work.

Thanks and i hope to hear from you

Ocean and Snow Design

I am available to work on your project.

Please take a look at my portfolio:

An my webflow public profile:


Just a note for those who expressed interest, we are still investigating options. As this is a committee project, we move at a deliberate speed.

Alright, i sent you an email. Let me know if you have further questions.