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Looking for subtle and complex image transition

Hi , I am trying to do Some nice and complex looking image transition. Image is attached - its a “voucher”VOUCHER
Its a single page layout and this voucher has own section ( or page ) - so i would like to make look of it not lame. (Its a sample website/ not actual for now)
Please let me know if somebody has ideas, i’ve browsed showcase - nothing yet.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Maybe you can start with the voucher in a section, very normal, very flat, like it is in this forum post.

Then, on scroll, and until it reaches the center of the screen, you make it morph using OnScroll interaction… The voucher will gradually detach from the page, morphing to a more “paper feel like voucher” : it will start to grow or sjrink, to tilt, to get a shadow, to get a paper texture, anything you can think of that will extract it from electronic to paper-like, from flat to skeuomorphic, from inside the section to over the section, crossing its boundaries.

And once in place and achieved, you can make a few optional action button enter the section and place nicely along the voucher: share, print, save…

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cool scetchings! and theory,
and to make it - that is complex .

Jus wonder what happens to voucher when I click to voucher button which is in the nav bar.
cause I think nobody wants to scrole to the 3rd or 4th section down the web :frowning:
When even opassity set on scrole page makes no point in browser - cause its just not appearing unless its very very sunny day lol…