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Looking for someone to tutor me on webflow

Hi All,

I am looking for someone to tutor me on webflow via zoom.
I know there are lots of tutorials online but none of them answer my specific questions. I thought I was getting the hang of using webflow but there are a few hurdles I just can’t seem to combat which is so frustrating.

Can anyone help me pleaseeeeeee?

What are there problems you’re running into that you need help with? Most folks here in the community (myself included) are happy to help with specific issues that come up on projects, and there are lots of resources not only in the Webflow University, but also on YouTube.

I don’t necessarily have time to help someone over Zoom, however I regularly record videos for community members who are having specific issues to help explain the solution a bit better.

It would be best if you post your questions here. The community here will try to sort out the issues. I also have learned here a lot.