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Looking for someone to design webflow blog front-end


I am looking for a freelancer (preferably in a European / African time zone) to design the front-end of a blog page on my existing webflow site.

I have designed the CMS / backend of the blog and would like the front-end to have the same functionality as the “Denali” free blog template. The look, feel and typography needs to be the same as my site’s current look and feel.

I am unfamiliar with freelance quotes and costs, but please bear in mind that South African Rands do not go very far! :):slight_smile:



My name is Daniel and Im a swedish designer, just started my freelance career.
Im interested to help you out with your project. Since Im starting my freelance career I’m keen to build my portfolio bigger with would be a perfect moment for us to help each other out.

Any Touhgts?

My best


Hi Daniel

Thanks for the response.

I’m interested and see the benefit as I get a front end blog and you get to list it as part of your portfolio…? Does that sound about right? Or will you quote on the work?

How are your Webflow skills? Is this something you could start on immediately and potentially be done by the end of the week?

Guys, let’s not do this on the forum, use private messages please.

And one advice, nothing is for free. So @Roycoza, exploiting people to do things for their portfolio whilst requesting something to be finished within a week deserves a kickban from the forum in my opinion.


Hi. I really, really do apologise. I was not aware these messages were on the public forum and will learn to send private messages. Please accept my apologies. I also apologise for the way I proposed / worded my response to the reply to my post. I will put more thought into it next time and offer fair payment and fairer proposals. Sorry guys - not having the best day and was just trying to make something happen with regard to a horrible deadline.

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Hi @Roycoza, thanks for your understanding and apologies. Let’s hope someone can help you after all.