Looking for some feedback from the community

Hey all!
I’m looking for some feedback on a small webpage that I built! I also created all of the landscape renders in Blender. Any form of feedback will be much appreciated :blush:

Here’s the link: Puneeth's design

Thank You.

Pruneeth, your Blender art is great!
There are general advices you can use to better use your texts.
Do you mind sharing a read-only link of your project so it’s easier to give you advices?

Thank you, Vincent! Appreciate it :smiley:
I can’t believe I forgot the read-only link. Here it is: Webflow - Puneeth's design

i’m not able at all to find the page with blender graphics in that project :Û

What exactly do you mean?
The Read-only link directly takes you to that page of the project in the Webflow designer.

But if you’re seeing it blank, that’s because I have a div (Div Block 413) that takes up the full-screen area and has a very high Z-index. I basically use it to hide the contents till the page finishes loading. ('Cause personally I don’t like the layout shifts that occur during loading)

To be able to inspect the page in the Webflow designer, simply select Div Block 413 from the navigator and set it to Display: None (hidden), and you’d be good to go :smiley:

Here’s a take