Looking for simple solution to update live items with Google Sheet

Hello all,

I´m looking for a simple solution, ideally free, for updating two text blocks on website with google sheet. Updates will be in tops five times a day. It´s occupancy status of a golf field, when I want to be able to pull a time and occupancy of the field from google sheet and update with it text block on the site.

So it will be only one row with two columns in spreadsheet that will be updated. Nothing else.
Thanks, with regards

Hi David, coincidentally I have just created something like this. I used a script called Papaparse to pull in the data from Google Sheets and display it on the website.


other resources: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14885231/getting-value-of-a-cell-from-google-docs-spreadsheet-into-javascript

Thanks Denny! I will look at it! :slight_smile: Did you have read-only link on example what you did? :slight_smile: