Looking for recommendations and suggestions!

Hi! I am planning to create a website for my side project. I am planning to publish a book on helping people get into a career (product management) and learning the strategies to thrive in that career. But I want a versatile template that lets me build on this. In the future, I would use this website for offering a course (links out to a separate platform) and then provide a consulting business (1 on 1 coaching or helping SMBs out with their product, like an agency). I want to create a strong brand image, ie) where I can offer products and services through my experience.

I have looked through all of the webflow templates but can’t seem to narrow down on just one. Given my needs short term and long term, I was hoping to receive suggestions from the community here.

Would anyone have a suggestion on a Webflow template they would recommend or use? Anything is fine as a recommendation. Thank you!

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Hey Manan!

Instead of going through an external platform, why not just do everything in Webflow?

I’ve actually made a free online course template + a free ebook marketing template, all within Webflow - go give them a clone and let me know what you think :smiley: