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Looking for freelance help with a started design (migration from wordpress)


Hi all,

I am looking for a freelance web designer to support me migrating a website from wordpress to webflow.
Original website:
New website (WIP):


  • Alignment of new design elements
  • Making new website consistent (margins, font sizes, etc.)
  • Responsive (hamburger) nav bar
  • Finishing of Pop up (Demo vereinbaren)
  • New page: “Kostenlos testen”
  • Optimization of website for mobile view

Is anybody available?
Can you please contact me to discuss time and compensation expectations?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Julius,

I can help you with this. Please mail me at: and add me on skype: to discuss more.

Looking forward to hearing you soon.

Gabriel A.

Hi Julius,

I can help you with this. I will send you a private message.

Teresa - Webflow Designer

Hello @JuliusPat,

Would love to chat more. I’ve been designing with Webflow since mid 2014 and I love the platform. I’ve completed multiple successful projects with Webflow but have also been working as a web designer since 2011. Drop me an email or a message here.

–Austin Thesing

Help found! Thx for your support