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Looking for feedback

Hello everyone,

I’ve been getting my hands dirty with this amazing tool.

I’ve designed this website so my startup, its unorganised, Need to sort that (need help on that aswell)

Looking for feedback.

Looks good @ze_rusty.

Im not sure if it is just me though but when I click the link it jumps down to ‘stay in touch’ email field. I’d also make the email address field at the the top of the page more prominent. Perhaps concentrate on using the red and blue colours in the logo more throughout the site. It may give it more of an identity.

Just a couple of thoughts, looks good though man

You need to remove the autofocus on the email address input field in order to have the site load at the top of the page instead of at the bottom.

It looks very nice though.

I removed that. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Just fixed it. Thanks Mwdstudio :slight_smile:

Not very responsive on mobile iPhone. :pensive:

I messed up with the organisation of elements. Damn.