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Looking for feedback on my site


I have been using Webflow for a few months now.

Unlike others using Webflow, I am not a graphic designer. So my site doesn’t have fancy graphics or special effects. That’s not really what I do.

I build prototypes for financial services – most of them low-res wireframes (for product testing).

I wouldn’t call myself a web or graphic designer.

I’d appreciate any feedback you could give me about the first draft of my site. I am trying to promote my services as a prototyper. Hopefully my message is getting across (I am too immersed in it to know for sure).

I have finished the desktop web version only — and will start working on the table/mobile responsive pages. (So please don’t look on those browsers yet.)

Much appreciated,
Blair (fellow Webflow user)

Thanks for sharing!

I think this is an awesome start! In regards to your concern about the message getting across, what do you think about positioning yourself a bit more specifically?

You state you make prototypes, but what kind of prototypes? You also say “so companies can test new ventures before building them”, I think it would be really interesting to know what kind of companies you have in mind.

That way you can shine a bit more brighter to when it comes to the value you bring and to whom you want to bring it to.

Hopefully that’s helpful.

Thanks for the feedback Riley.

I know what you mean about being more specific – but much of the work I do is for closed financial systems – so I can’t unfortunately leverage those designs publicly.

I am hoping that once I connect the DEMO to the site my audience will see first hand what I can do. The shopping app is a great way to cover a lot of ground (from a UX experience).

Cheers! And thanks again.

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