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Looking for developper to create calendar widget for website - Paid contract


A hotel I’m working with would like to have a calendar widget created in order to provide more user-friendly interface with their booking system (which is provided by a 3rd party).

In terms of functionality, the widget needs to allow user to select the check-in and check-out dates.
Those dates would need to be added in a predefined link provided by the booking system provider and when the user clicks “check”, it should open that link in a new tab.


This widget must also be:

  • embeddable in Webflow
  • designed to match the website’s style.

Any developper tempted by this job, please get in touch.
If this is enough to provide a quote, please send it as well.


Hello Pasint,

Please get in touch with me for assistance.



I will be happy to work with you.

Please get in touch with me on below mentioned details.

Sk-ype: cis.am1
Em-ail: steven(at)cisinlabs(dot)com

Best Regards,

Might try to get in touch with I had a few projects done with them, it’s the ukrainian dev team. They has a lot to offer if your hotel need anything else besides the widget. I had an app done in a short time, and also can say that they are really great at refactoring the code.

@Pasint Thanks for reaching back to me.
I’ll have a quote over to you within 24 hours :slight_smile:

  • Scott Van Zandt