Looking for design help to finish site

Hi all, new to webflow and I’ve begun a project and need some help finishing it up. I’d say it’s about 70% there. Hoping to get help from a pro to button things up. It is a static site by the way.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Are you looking for someone to directly work on your project? (paid work)

Or are you looking for help on some of your issues. If it is about issues, then please write about your issues and forum users will look into it.

Also share your project read only link, so they can properly diagnose it.

Hi Abirana, I’m looking for paid work, is there a better place to post that?

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@design_house Hi Dustin, the link is not working

Hi Dustin,
If you are still looking out for some help, feel free to reach out to me as this is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,

Cannot recommend these guys enough- Codemap.io I was super happy with the work. Good luck with the project!