Looking for contractor to transition existing site to Webflow

looking for a contractor for a straightforward project:

We have a website and made the incorrect choice of website builder. Our team is competent in Webflow but doesn’t have the resources to invest to port over our exact website to Webflow. Not a crazy amount of work, but given we are a team of 6 or so, there are always more pressing problems. Our current site has very poor page load speeds on the other website builder, impacting UX, SEO, etc…

Project: transition live site to Webflow (8-10 normal landing page blocks. some have audio players, so some JS for the audio players may be required)
Timeline: 2-3 weeks
Pay: outstanding. what is the market rate for a project like this? open to any perspectives and/or thoughts the community has. we’re flexible



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Hey, Jack! What’s your preferred way to get in touch with you? Would love to work on this.

Hey Jack,

I can definitely help you.
Can you contact me over skype to discuss the details of your project?

Thanks !
Skype: live:.cid.c82263a0568b918f

Hi Jack,

Happy to have a chat about this. Feel free to get in touch via email:


or through our website:

We are very used to conducting work under NDAs etc if required for client privacy.


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hi @Apps23 what’s the best way to contact you via email?

thanks @ColemanChrisB! i reached out via email

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thanks @Andy_Vaughan — i reached out via email

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Feel free to reach out to us. https://www.ifmm.com ( info@ifmm.com )