Looking for Contract Webflow Backend Dev for Memberstack Membership site

Hi everyone, this is for an Education nonprofit please let me know if you have any questions and your hourly/rate. Post here or feel free to email me at (pascall100-contracts @ yahoo.com)(delete spaces).

April-May 2022 - 40hrs/mth Tasks/Solve:

  1. Polish an existing personalized quiz(simple JS)
  2. Currently, Members can edit fill-in forms/boxes(20+) that are saved in browser local storage. I need a solution where the data becomes portable.(e.g. web-flow cms/member stack(metadata storage seems limited)/other/etc).
  3. Clicked/saved elements(on/complete button, quiz outcome, selected cards, etc) should appear in profile/other pages.
  4. Elements in a map be personalized(need build/ideas on build) (designed in Figma… generic example reference Caramel-Keep-html5 — ImgBB.
  5. Build should be scalable(600+ students). Legacy code is pretty straightforward(JS/HTML/css) plus you’ll be working with a front-end person.