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Looking for clarification about the different accounts plans - Editors


Hi everybody,

I am looking for clarification about the different accounts plans, as I don’t seem to understand it from the dedicated page.

Is someone so kind to help me?

My trouble is that I do not understand what “Content Editors” means.

It is stated that the FREE $12 profile has zero “Content Editors”, the CMS $15 profile has 3, and the Business $36USD has unlimited.

Is a content editor the actual editor the client uses to updates their content?

In this case, as one usually sells a site with its connected editor, if you sell more than 3 sites you need the business account, and for more than 10 you need to ask for an enterprise account, is this right?

thank you!

Yes. Content editors can be added to sites with the CMS plan. They are unique to each site plan. See the following article for more …

thank you! it is clear now