Looking for Blog Examples

I’ve just started learning how to design and I’m working on a blog.

Can you comment with a link to some nice blog examples?

I’m looking for inspiration.

Thanks everyone

Hi @richrc1131

Welcome to the forums :slightly_smiling_face:

university.webflow.com is a great place to learn the basics and also follow full site build tutorials. There is even one on building a blog which would be useful for you to see how to structure the data even if you went for a different design.

https://webflow.com/blog-websites - This is a list of the blog templates Webflow currently has on sale or for free - you can actually open those in the designer to see and learn how they were built, or just select one to use for your project.

Hope those are useful…

Here are some awesome examples for some blog design

Hey :slight_smile:
This is our travel blog:

Wow very nice. Thank you for sharing.