Looking for an Adobe XD user to collaborate with on a blog post

Edit: added key missing word to title. Boy that’s embarrassing.

Hey all!

If you don’t know me: HI! I’m John, and I head up Webflow’s blog.

I’m looking for someone who:

  1. Is very familiar with Adobe XD
  2. Would like to write for the Webflow blog about taking a project from XD to Webflow, in exchange for cash money, obviously

The format for the post would closely follow that of this post about Photoshop.

Feel free to DM me here on the forum, or comment below!


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I knew I shoulda learned more about XD, great work on the blog, John!

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Hi John,
Just sent you PM.

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Thanks, @DFink!

If there’s anything else you want to write about on the blog, just let me know!

Ooooh, I always wanted to try that. I’ll message you in a few days with some ideas and see if any might be worthwhile. Thanks!!

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Awesome! I’ll keep an eye on my inbox :slight_smile:

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