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Looking for Advice on Moving to Webflow

That is great. I am hoping to get something like that as well. Thanks

No, thats usually why I use a template. It has all that stuff setup already and you can just customize the style / functionality to your liking.

But once you are good at Webflow, you can create fully custom cms in no time. Maybe a day total for a simple setup and page design.

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I’m going to delete some of my replies that include my business info and billing amounts. Please screenshot them if you want to now.

All set. Thanks so much!

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if a client wants to be able to update the site they need the CMS hosting correct? Otherwise I can make the updates on the basic plan for them

Yes, sorry. You do need the CMS hosting plan to invite content editors. But you don’t actually need to have cms content “like a blog” to edit the other stuff on the site. You just need the cms hosting plan to enable invites to the Editor. Sorry I explained that poorly.

Can you please delete the post with my pricing on it Julian? Thanks.

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I’ve used Webflow enough to know my way around and feel comfortable comparing it to hand coding if you want another opinion. I can’t speak into the CMS portion as for now my goal is to simply use the exported code (still undecided).

I think to a designer that doesn’t understand how to code, Webflow is a dream. It allows them to accomplish something they never have before.

Speaking from the coding perspective, I think it’s a trade off of speed vs. control (especially at first). In the brief time that I’ve tried Webflow I found it frustrating to set up all these “defaults” where I use to just add in my base/reset style sheet. Another thing I found is that you need to be very careful on what you click on. Combo classes vs. Global classes also feel weird ( I recommend setting up a page for your global styles and possibly components for separation. This video may be helpful.

That said, it can speed up the coding process once you learn the tool. I think having a solid coding background gives you a massive advantage over designers who click around in the UI until they end up with something that looks okay. The code output is clean if you take your time and choose the proper options and what it’s lacking can usually be fixed in some way.

Here are a few of my hangups:

Hope this helps.