Looking for a WebFlow tutor

I’m looking for a tutor that I can pay to expedite my learning process through building my portfolio site. I am not new to WebFlow but I am attempting to build a site that is above my current skill set. I don’t need a total guru as my site is not CMS, e-commerce, etc. Just a normal site using rollovers and states, etc.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @LoggyDog,
may you share a site with your “current skill level” ? :grin:



The only section built so far is the home page and the Logos page. It will basically run the same for all the categories and there will be rollovers to the ones that have an additional page with more information.
Thanks so much for even replying to this post.

Hi @LoggyDog sure i can help you. If you need something, design or help with webflow, just reach out to me.


You are so kind. I will def reach out. I am not trying to do anything above mid-level skill. Just not sure how to “correctly” nest things to accomplish certain things. Also, for example, not sure how to change setting on the grid on tablet and phone to get the grid components to wrap. Your help is so much appreciated. I’m a traditional designer in love with WebFlow but need to get better. I have a few sites online now that I have created. I can send the links if you like just to see what I have done besides this portfolio site.

Sure, just send it over :smiley:


Are you int he USA? If so, what time zone?

Nope sorry im in EU +1 so if you have questions, just dm me i´ll answer if i am on. sorry :smiley: