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Looking for a Webflow designer

We need to recreate an existing music related site in Webflow so I thought I would post it here - paid work of course! If you’re interested, message me & we can discuss the details, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hello Chris,

I am a Software Engineer & Webflow Expert and would love to help you out.

Please send me a private message so I can get some of the details for your new project.


Michael Kadron
Hyperpixels, Inc.
Phone: (877) 641-2580 Ext. 1

Hi Krystof ,

Sounds like something that I could help you out on…
I sent you an email

Best Wishes,

Hi Chris,
I’d be glad to assist you.
Sent you an email with further details.


I’m a Webflow professional and I would be glad to assist you. Sending you an email.

Teresa :slight_smile: