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Looking for a way to create a specific hover effect

Hi to everyone, I’m a webdesigner from Italy, working on the web since the 90s. First time here, coming from Wordpress but with a 20 year long html/css background.

Right now I’m facing some difficulties with Webflow.
The reason for this is that I’ve promoted it so well with a new client that he’s now asking for some “webflow special FX” and I’m struggling with it :wink: my fault for being too optimistic!

I’m working on a product selector for the client’s website which has a special hover effect.
Here’s a demo I’ve created with after effects (i hope animated gifs are visible here)

Looking forward for some good tip from the experts!

Welcome to the community @EnricoFrascati!

Are you stuck at a particular part of this on your project or are you looking for help on where to start? If you’ve already got something created it may help sharing your read-only link so we can help you get the rest of the way there.