Looking for a PrestaShop developer - Paid Job

Hi guys,

I know this is Webflow forum, but as this community did a lot for me, I’m posting this gig here first.

A client of mine that has a problem with it’s PrestaShop 1.6 setup and needs help to fix it : Order confirmations are no longer being sent via email and some order information is missing in the PrestaShop BO. It looks like a DB issue as there’s a "Failed to set configured collation connection " error in mysql.

This should be a quick job for an expert, I’d estimate 1-2hrs tops and will of course be paid.
This is urgent as the customer needs to keep the store running properly until I finish moving them away from PrestaShop and onto Webflow.

If interested, PM me your details and experience in that area.

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If your client is French I can point you to our local experts. I don’t realize how popular Prestashop is outside of France.

Hi Vincent,

Yes, he’s French. If you know someone local, it’s even better!
Let me know.


I can help.
i have expertise in Prestashop.
You can reach me on Skype: cisin.justin or Email: justin@cisinlabs.com so that we can discuss this further.