Looking for a good facebook feed integration


I´m looking for a good, custom facebook feed integration. The standard from facebook is just so ugly. I´ve tried powr.io integration, but it wont import everything.

My client is a music manager and posts links from spotify, these dont show up with the solution i have.

Anyone know any better?

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Have you had a look at https://www.juicer.io/ ?

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No, but I´ll have a look. Thank you.

Hello, @Marius_Petersen1 !

Have you tried using Facebook Feed by Elfsight?

With it you can change all the display settings to your taste. You can show only photos, photos and descriptions or whole Facebook page, show or hide share buttons, likes and comments and do many other different things (the example is in the picture below).

You can try it yourself; there is a demo on the site. You can hide the header to make the feed look floaty.

Hope it helps! If you have any questions, I am always here to answer.

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Hi Marius,
This is a nice question and If, you looking for good Facebook integration. But you’re not sure of the best platform?
So I suggest to you a free tool using for embed Facebook feed is to display on your website. An easily introduce visitors to your social media and boosts your real-time audience.
I wish it helps!