Looking for a freelancer to help move site to WebFlow and redesign some components

I am with VetPronto (www.vetpronto.com), a house call veterinary service.

We would like to move our site to WebFlow while redesigning a few components/pages and adding a generic ‘vet web site’ template. Here is a brief summary of the changes we would like made to our current site:

  • refresh the value props, how it works, our vets sections as well as the pricing page
  • add sections for patient photos and client testimonials
  • create a new ‘city page’ that gives summaries of all of our cities and links to city detail pages
  • create a ‘blog’ page that allows us to create pet health care content

We are also going to want to create a template (or a few templates) for stand alone sites for our partner vets. These will generally include a subset of the pages/sections/content on our vetpronto.com site. But, we would like to make it easy to change the look/feel of these vet pages (as they will want them to look somewhat unique).

Since our requirements are somewhat fluid, I am fine working on an hourly basis.

Please reply with your rate and some examples of relevant work (extra credit if you can point me to specific examples of your work and how a similar design could be applied to one of the refresh items above).



Hey Joe,

We are an Ottawa based team that has done many sites in the service based industry with other partners. We love WebFlow and have made it our primary tool for web development as previous we were developing in Wordpress. The above requirements our team can confidently fulfill and we would be interested it doing this work. You can check out our website at https://daydreamdev.com and some of our example work can be found here: https://windmill.construction . If you are interested in our rates we can discuss as well over email.



Hi Joe,

We are also an Ottawa-based team coincidentally! We’ve worked extensively with Webflow in the past and you can check out some of our work here: archcowebdesign.com

I’d be glad to discuss this further if you’re interested so take a look and I hope to hear from you!

Project Manager
Arch Co. Web Design

Hey Joe,

If you didn’t find someone yet, check out my company - http://finsweet.com.

All webflow based. We can also build custom functionaloty on top on Webflow if neeed.